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Tekalloy S.A. has developed a sophisticated logistics network that provides assurance supply and reliability to its customers. By utilizing ocean, rail and over-the-road transport, maintaining tight inventory controls at each step of the supply line as well as constant interaction and communication with our customers; we can bring reliability, quality and cost competitiveness to the metals marketplace. Tekalloy S.A. handles all Supply Chain Management aspects of international shipping using time honored methods and full time control over the process. In addition to the volume of material we transport, our relationship with each mode of transport ensures our material is handled with utmost priority and is delivered within our specified transit projections.

Today, the metals industry is basing its procurement decisions on the just-in-time inventory management system. This means added pressure on the suppliers of raw materials and on transit companies who service them. At Tekalloy S.A., we are comfortable with this business condition and have developed a constantly revised warehouse distribution network that allows for proximal warehousing for most all our customers in the most cost effective way possible. Additionally, we employ a policy that maintains sufficient inventory at all times for our customers.

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